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#511564 - 1$ Za 1000 Ib

Napisane przez szuwarek w 15 August 2006 - 16:26

szukam i szukam, i jakoś nie mogę znaleźć listy zaakceptowanych stron - czy ktoś może podać do niej linka ?

#181016 Auction Rules

Napisane przez szuwarek w 15 November 2004 - 09:56

Auction rules:
1/ Auction house is designated for auctions for things connected with Get-Paid
2/ Title of the auction MUST contain one of the following words:
[sign up]
AND the name of the program concerned.
For example: "[selling] an ad in"
3/ The member with which you make the transaction is OBLIGED to be active in the program, if you paid him to join under you. In case of him/her failing this condition, you should file a complaint in the pinned topic
4/ While selling an account in a program, you MUST show the WM's permission (scan of the email WITH headers)
5/ You CANNOT offer things or services which are forbidden by the terms of service in the program concerned. In particular, trading of words in the search engine portals in not allowed.

#21909 Jak do Nas trafiłeś ??

Napisane przez szuwarek w 03 January 2004 - 14:36

Mała zabawa a jednocześnie test skąd posiadamy najwięcej userów...