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AD Titans is designed to help its members achieve financial success while helping online advertisers to reach a target market unheard of in the traditional advertising or traffic exchange world.

The program has been joined by the experts at New Millennium Entrepreneurs, the company that has helped thousands of its members to achieve financial freedom through multiple income streams.

AD Titans is just the first of many income opportunity programs we will be launching and or promoting in the next few months.

What We Accomplish...

Upon joining, AD Titans members can choose to purchase an advertising package that will enable them to take part in our paid-to-surf opportunity. These advertising packages can be purchased in increments of $5, with a minimum starting package of $50, until you have reached a maximum membership level of $5000.

We will then pay advertising package members up to a 17% commission of your advertising purchase to watch 17 website advertisements a day for only 15 seconds each. That 17% per day will be paid for 7 days totaling 119% total of your initial advertising purchase. (19% profit after only 7 days.)

i think that is very serious surf,how phoenix surf!

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jeżeli mnie pamięć nie myli wg regulaminu powinien tu byc polski opis

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